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This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in 10K White Gold and features the Starfish symbol.  Starfish or Sea Stars are delicate creatures that grace our oceans.  The Christian symbolism is that the starfish represents the Virgin Mary who ensures our safe travel over troubled waters or times of uncertainty as a beacon of salvation.   The starfish represents divine love and characteristics such as guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition.  The Egyptian legend connects the starfish to the goddess Isis who was the mother and friend to slaves and those in need.  Like the starfish, she was regarded as a guardian to distressed seafarers on the Red Sea.  The Romans viewed the starfish as a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love since she was born from the tides of the Adriatic sea.  In tis sense, the starfish symbolises love, sensitivity, emotion and physical wholeness. Within the Tsimshian order (Native Americans from Northwestern America), there is a sub clan called the starfish clan.  They chose the starfish as an emblem due to its superior resilience, longevity, strength and its ability to regenerate, which they believed contributed to its immortality.  Wear this powerful symbol proudly to demonstrate your inner strength, resilience and balanced approach to celebrating life.© 

10K White Gold Diamond Cut Starfish Pendant

  • Height - 0.94", Width - 0.82", Weight - 1.2g

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