Symbolic Meaning:

This beautiful pendant is elegantly crafted in 10K Yellow Gold. Mizpah dates back thousands of years within the pages of the old testament and symbolise a sanctuary, a place where hope dwells…somewhere where the impossible can be manifested as a result of divine intervention.  A Mizpah coin necklace is made up of two separate pieces.  They are traditionally bestowed to friends, lovers or family members as a powerful symbol of never-ending friendship and love.  It demonstrates a commitment to a loved one and is used to represent hope during times of struggle. They are usually given as a gift to someone going away, as stated in the old testament (Genesis 31:49 “The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent from another”).  This beautiful coin symbolises a deep and earnest promise that a relationship will remain honest, strong and true, despite the physical distance between two people. It also represents a prayer for a loved one’s safe return.  Wear your half of this coin proudly, for it is a bond, a sincere promise that no matter the distance, you are forever loved and you will one day be together again.©

10K Yellow Gold Jewish Charms - Mizpah Coin Gold Pendant

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  • Height - 0.9", Width - 0.9", Weight - 0.4g