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Bright blue stones of Lapis Lazuli are displayed along a rich black leather cuff designed and hand-crafted by the amazing artisan, Chaloemphon Krasear in Thailand. This unisex cuff has a stainless steel wire inside so it can be adjusted to allow for a wide range of wrist sizes. Lapis Lazuli is considered an ancient stone of royalty as well as a symbol of wisdom and truth.  It was commonly worn by Egyptian kings and queens and in Persia, it was a favourite stone used as a protective talisman against the "evil eye".  Buddhists believe this stone promotes serenity and inner-peace, while releasing the mind from negative thoughts.  Lapis Lazuli is believed to stimulate wisdom, creative energy, intellectual analysis and good judgment for those who wear it.  It is considered a stone of truth, promoting honesty of the spirit, through one's spoken and written words.  Lapis Lazuli is also regarded as a stone of friendship. It is thought to reveal inner truth and promotes self-awareness, honesty, compassion and dignity when interacting with others.  Wear this piece with confidence in your ability to excel in all areas of your life, holding firm to the principles of truth and peace.©

Black Leather 'Power Blue' Cuff Bracelet w/ Lapis Lazuli

  • 7" L (end to end) x 1.2" W


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