Symbolic Meaning:

This intricate and modern design is elegantly crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver on a black adjustable Leather Cord and features many interwoven Trinity Knots that converge at the centre where a genuine 4mm Iolite gemstone is nestled at the heart.  Latin for “three cornered”, the Triquetra symbol is also referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.  The interlocking loops create the intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot. The symmetrical lines suggest harmonious and balanced flow among the three aspects. The symbolism runs deep encompassing infinity, eternity, protection, equality and divine femininity.  There are various “trio” meanings to this knot including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present and Future”, “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”, “Earth, Wind, Air”, “Maiden, Mother & Crone” and “Life, Death and Rebirth”.   Wearing the Triquetra symbol is a powerful reminder that you are protected…that you are eternally loved. This gorgeous piece is crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver and featured on an adjustable black Leather Cord. The Pictish Cross is a beautiful Celtic take on this historical symbol. The open knot work makes this sterling silver pendant a delicate balance of soft and strong. The center creates a small star, while the four arms seem to unfold and point outward. The cross is most renowned for being a Christian symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion…His sacrifice for the salvation of all humanity. It is truly ironic that a symbol that represents anguish and defeat can also be used to signify victory and salvation. It is one of the most powerful visual identifiers of a Christian’s faith. There are other religious meanings as well that pertain to the four points that make up the cross. They represent the four physical elements of earth, water, air and fire and also the directions of east, west, north and south. No matter your reason for wearing this beautifully crafted piece, wear it in celebration of your faith, always remembering that you will never walk alone…©

Sterling Silver Arbor with Iolite Gemstone Pendant Necklace on Leather Cord

  • Height- 1.5" x Width- 1.5" (Pendant featured on a Leather Cord)

    Gemstone - 4mm

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