Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features Blue Imperial Jasper.  Jasper is often referred to as the "nurturing stone", with its name derived from the Greek word meaning "spotted stone".  It is thought to encourage its wearer to be more present in the physical body, while being conscious of Nature and the surroundings, celebrating the spiritual connection we hold with all living things.  Jasper is believed to promote gentleness, comfort and relaxation.  It is stone associated with grounding and stability, security, strength and healing, while acting as a remin der that our purpose during our time on earth is to not only please ourselves, but to also bring joy and love to others.  Jasper is considered a protective stone that absorbs negative energy and provides Yin-Yang balanced energies in all areas of life.  Blue Jasper is believed to be linked with nobility of spirit and purpose and offers its wearer courage to speak out against injustices against the vulnerable.  It is considered an ideal anti-stress stone for those in charge of the well-being of others.  Wear this powerful symbol as a grounding reminder of your inner strength and stability and in celebration of the cherished relationships you have nurtured in your life. ©

Sterling Silver Blue Imperial Jasper Pendant

  • Approx stone size: 26mm L x 18mm W. 

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