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Symbolic Meaning:

This elegant piece is beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver and features three very powerful symbols - the Celtic Cross, Trinity Knots and Triskelions.  The Celtic Cross is often referred to as a Celtic Sun Cross.  Some Christian theorists believe that the ring is a halo and the cross represents Christ.  Although there is no clear answer, the symbolic meaning of the cross remains the same…it is a symbol of faith, hope, honour and life.  The Trinity Knot comprises interlocking loops that create an intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot.  The symmetrical lines suggest harmonious and balanced flow among the three aspects.  The symbolism runs deep, encompassing equality and divine femininity.  The Triskele (or Triskelion) is a Celtic symbol that represents struggle, growth, completion and progress.  It is a Greek term meaning “three-legged” and the symbol actually appears like three running legs.  The symbol captures the elements of motion that symbolises progress and action and represents the everlasting rhythm of life.  There are various “trio” meanings to both the Trinity Knot and the Triskele including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present & Future”, “Father, Son & Holy Ghost”,  “Maiden, Mother & Crone” and “Life, Death & Rebirth”.   Wear this powerful piece in celebration of your faith, embracing the struggles before you with grace and persistence, always remembering that you will never walk alone…©

Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant with Trinity Knots and Triskelions

  • 23mm diameter

    2mm thickness

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