Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring features the Celtic Knot symbol integrated into its design. Puzzle rings are usually made up of interconnected bands that form an elaborate design. (The bands are supplied with a tie, which can be removed once the ring is placed on the finger. When they are worn, the pressure of your finger keeps the ring held firmly in place. The ring is designed so that once it is removed from your finger, it can fall apart. (It can however be put back together...hence the charm of a puzzle design.) Many couples use these rings to celebrate a committed, monogamous relationship. It symbolises the intricacies of a deep and loving relationship. The way that the pieces fit and support each other can be likened to a relationship built on faith, trust and love, where both people remain firmly committed to each other. Many scholars believe that Celtic Knots symbolise the interconnection of life, mankind's place within the universe and the continuity of life. The interwoven Celtic knots in this Puzzle Ring are a symbol of infinite love as they have no beginning and no ending. Wear this powerful symbol as a statement of your commitment to the one you love, celebrating all the key cornerstones that make your relationship successful.©

Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring with Celtic Knots (Size 6)

SKU: R-192-SS-5
  • 10mm width 

    Size - 6


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