Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver and features the Star & Crescent Moon symbols integrated with an Blue Topaz gemstone.  The word "crescent" is derived from two Latin word: "ceres" which means "create" and "crescere" which means "grow". The Celts traditionally associated the moon with femininity. The waxing crescent moon therefore represented growth and creativity. The moon is also associated with evolution, illumination, inner-awareness and fertility. Stars have been used for centuries for navigation. From a spiritual perspective, they act as a reminder to be cognisant of the force that guides us…our thoughts and our passions. Starlight is symbolic of direction, vivacity, mystery, aspiration, energy and light. Stars are typically displayed on stellar maps by their intensity of light and not their size. This is a powerful reminder that the intensity of our spirit is what really matters instead of our size and position in this world. The integration of the Amethyst stone reinforces healing, protection and calming balance. Wear these powerful symbols proudly, in celebration of your creative passions, your progress in all areas of life and the unique sparkle that makes you an amazing person.©

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Crescent Moon & Star with Blue Topaz Ring

SKU: R-1172-SSBLTO-5
  • 3mm diameter stone


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