Symbolic Meaning:

The Gordian Knot is the simplest of all Torus Knots (which are based on mathematical formula and equations and are considered to be “sacred geometry”).  The symbol embodies the concept of ONE GOD and the connection with holy trinity.  This ONEness is also thought to exist in everything, e.g. positive, negative and neutral.  The Gordian Knot can be made on a Torus tube, which has the appearance of a donut or a sphere and turns in from one side and comes out the other in a continuous motion.  The structural definition is thus created - the inside, outside, and infinity. For this reason, the symbol can be used as a philosophical model of creation itself.  The Gordian knot is linked to the legend of Alexander the Great.  In 333 BC, Alexander the Great made an attempt to untie the knot as a challenge put forth by the Gordias, in order to become the king of Asia.  On finding no end to the knot, he sliced it in half with his sword, which is where the term “Alexandrian solution” originates.   It is believed that many who wear the Gordian Knot are able to solve difficult relationship problems via dreams at night while they sleep.  One possible explanation is that the symbol represents the concept of unity, which draws everything together into one.  Wear this symbol, not only in times when you seek answers to many of life’s problems, but in celebration of your connection to the beauty of all life around you…  

Sterling Silver Gordian Knot Pendant

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