Symbolic Meaning:

This beautifully piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features an Onyx gemstone at the centre of a Heart symbol.  The Heart represents the centre of our physical and spiritual being.  It is the most renowned symbol for love.  It also captures all the emotion and affection one feels.  In Egypt, it represents the very essence of life.  The heart is oftentimes responsible for helping us with deeper understanding, courage and willpower.  Onyx is primarily a Root Chakra stone and it is believed to promote inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline and reason.  Wear this piece proudly, as a grounding reminder in your heart that you have the courage. strength and focus to overcome any obstacle that comes your way .©

Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Pendant with Onyx Gemstone

Select pendant only or add matching chain (+$109)
  • 23x17.5mm