Symbolic Meaning:

This beautifully created piece is crafted in Sterling Silver and features a Tiger's Eye stone at the centre of the design..  The heart represents the centre of our physical and spiritual being.  It is the most renowned symbol for love.  It also captures all the emotion and affection one feels.  In Egypt, it represents the very essence of life.  The heart is oftentimes responsible for helping us with deeper understanding, courage and willpower.  Throughout history, Tiger's Eye stone has been highly regarded as a stone of prosperity and good fortune. It is a grounding stone that promotes stability and awareness to its wearer and a better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation.  It is also believed to strengthen one's willpower and clarity of intentions whilst inspiring creativity in utilising one’s talents and abilities.  Wear this piece proudly, as a grounding reminder in your heart that you possess the knowledge and capability to overcome all obstacles in your path.©

Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Pendant with Tiger Eye Stone

Select pendant only or add matching chain (+$109)
  • 23x17.5mm