Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Heart with Wings symbol.  The heart symbolises the soul, our deepest emotions and our core selves. It is used to express sincerity, honesty, generosity and compassion. It encapsulates love on both romantic and platonic levels. Wings symbolise freedom, elevation, aspiration, divinity and tanscendence. The term "earning one's wings" represents an achievement gained through bravery or heroic efforts.  The combination of these two powerful symbols represent the freedom to love and to feel, to courageously rise and reach full potential.  It is also a sign of joyful optimism and a representation of the free spirit.  Wear this piece proudly in celebration of your freedom to choose and to love. ©

Sterling Silver Heart with Wings Pendant

Select pendant only or add matching chain (+$109)
  • 28x13mm