Symbolic Meaning:

These earrings are elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and feature the Spiral symbol.  The single spiral is one of the most common symbols within Celtic culture.  From a spiritual perspective, the spiral symbolises journey from the external consciousness to inner awareness.  It represents the illumination brought forth by ethereal energy.  It also symbolises the growth of consciousness from the centre of one’s being expanding outwardly.  The spiral symbol represents stability, direction, centering, growth, mindfulness, perseverance, knowledge and connection.  The spiral is symbolic of femininity, the womb and fertility. It is also a symbol of transformation, evolution and progress.  Wear this powerful symbol in celebration of your inner strength and determination, embracing all that life has to offer, with boundless optimism and confidence.©

Sterling Silver Spiral dangle Earrings

SKU: EFW-281-SS-5
  • 20.5mm diameter