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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning pendant is crafted in Sterling Silver and integrate two powerful symbols - the Triskele and the Trinity Knot.  The Triskele (or Triskelion) is a Celtic symbol that represents struggle, growth, completion and progress.  It is a Greek term meaning “three-legged” and the symbol actually appears like three running legs.  The symbol captures the elements of motion that symbolises progress and action and represents the everlasting rhythm of life.  Latin for “three cornered”, the Triquetra symbol is also referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.  The interlocking loops creates the intersection of the three circles which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot.  The symbolism runs deep encompassing infinity, eternity, protection, equality and divine femininity.  Both the Triskelion and the Triquetra have various “trio” meanings attached to them including “Father, Son & Holy Spirit”, “Mind, Body & Spirit”, "Life, Death & Rebirth", “Maiden, Mother & Crone” and “Past, Present & Future”. Wear this striking piece as a symbol of your quest for continuous improvement in all areas of your life...celebrating each and every moment as you constantly move forward, always remembering that you are protected…that you are loved. ©

Sterling Silver Triskelion with Triquetra Knot Pendant

  • 27mm diameter


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