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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning pendant is elegantly crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver and features a Moonstone gemstone at the heart of the Whale Tail design.  Helen Chantler designed this Celtic Whale Tail to honor the world’s greatest creatures. Here she combines the majesty of the whale and the Spiral symbols. She views her business as a community that must benefit human communities without harming ecosystems which is why she is pleased to work with 100% recycled metals and, whenever possible, ethically sourced gemstones as in this design where she incorporates sterling silver with a genuine Iolite gemstone. The indigenous people of New Zealand, (the Maori) consider the whale’s tail to represent swiftness, forte, safety and the deep connection between man and animal.  It is used as a talisman of protection and luck for voyagers who travel by water.  The whale itself symbolises sensitivity, comfort, stability, fostering and emotional wisdom.  From a spiritual perspective, the spiral symbolises the journey from external consciousness to inner awareness.  It represents the growth of consciousness from the centre of one’s being expanding outwardly.  The spiral symbol represents stability, direction, centering, growth, mindfulness and connection.  The spiral is symbolic of femininity, the womb and fertility.  It is also a symbol of transformation, evolution and progress.  Whether or not your travels take you to distant shores, wear this powerful piece for protection and good fortune.  Wear it also in celebration of your vast inner-strength and determination, your ability to achieve balance and stability in life and all the love that encircles you daily...©

Sterling Silver Whale Tail with Moonstone Gemstone Pendant Necklace

  • Height- 1.25", Width- 1" (Pendant featured on an 18" Sterling Silver chain).

  • We are pleased to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee in support of our service and products.  If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our product, we will exchange it for another product from our collection OR issue a store credit for the comparable value; if it is reported to us (in writing) within 14 days of delivery. If your item is received damaged or incorrect, we will refund the purchase price (via the method of payment); if it is reported to us (in writing) within 7 days of delivery. Please click the following for our complete Return and Refunds Procedure.

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