This bracelet was handcrafted with love as part of our Symbols Serenity Collection. It features the Cocoa symbol integrated with Lotus Jasper & Hematite beads. Cocoa was thought to be of divine origin, as the Aztecs believed the cocoa tree was the spiritual bridge between heaven and earth. Cocoa beans were given to priest’s assistants during children’s coming of age ceremonies. During marriage ceremonies, the bride and groom would exchange cocoa beans and partake in a symbolic cup of chocolate. The Aztecs believed that by drinking chocolate, they would gain the wisdom of Quetzalcoatl (the God of learning). Jasper is believed to absorb negative energy, and deliver strength, stability, courage and wisdom. Lotus Jasper is thought to balance yin/yang energies, promoting healing and peace in relationships. Hematite is considered a grounding stone of protection. Like Jasper, is also regarded as a stone of courage, and strength, while delivering self-esteem, concentration and focus. Wear this bracelet as you continue to strive for wisdom, focus and calming balance in life, growing and blossoming into the very best version of yourself. ©

"Wisdom & Tranquillity" Serenity Bracelet

SKU: SER-913-SS-7
  • 10mm Stone

    7" Bracelet

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