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About the Symbols Jewellery store.

Welcome to Symbols Jewellery. We are happy that you have come for a visit.

This site is dedicated to bringing symbolic jewellery of the world to Trinidad & Tobago.  The pieces found on this site all convey emotional sentiment through the symbols represented.  The symbolic meaning of every item is described so that you can find the perfect item to represent how you feel.  From common symbols like the heart shaped pendant to the more obscure like the Agadez Cross from the Tuareg people of Saharan North and West Africa, given by a father to his son as he progresses into manhood, each item is selected to express a specific sentiment to the wearer.   If you need any assistance to find that perfect piece, we will be very happy to offer some suggestions. Please contact us at 868-798-1372 or  We are here to help you speak from your heart.

Please visit our blog where you will find lots more information and references related to symbolic jewellery of the world.

Our suppliers include independent designers who specialise in the cultures represented.  We select only the highest quality pieces in terms of quality of workmanship, design and materials based on the symbology represented.  We are pleased to offer a range of precious metals and semi-precious stones, which are backed by guarantees from our suppliers.  We are committed to spreading the message of love and positive energy through the range of items featured on our website.  

We are very happy to highlight pieces from Made by Survivors, an organisation that is dedicated to fighting slavery and other severe human rights abuses in India.  Their programmes empower marginalised girls and women to overcome tremendous stigma and become leaders in their families and communities, helping to end slavery once and for all.  Your purchases of exquisitely crafted symbolic jewellery made by these survivors help contribute to this worthy cause.

We are also pleased to feature  unique and exquisite pieces of Tuareg jewellery from the Koumama tribe of the North Saharan, led by their patriarch Elhadji Koumama.  Intricately crafted from fine silver (99%), which is purer than sterling (92.5%), the Tuareg designs featured on this website are both dramatically different and spectacularly crafted.  The Koumama Family have been preserving and perfecting an over 25 generation history, as masters of fine silver jewellery. Through extensive apprenticeships, each Koumama family member learns the craft under the mentorship of more experienced family members.  It takes years of study before an individual is considered experienced enough to execute these intricate designs under the Koumama family name.  Intricate geometric designs often have significant symbolism and are often protective in nature - protecting the wearer from evil or keeping one from harm's way.  The Koumama Family use an ancient technique known as "lost wax casting", then finishing the pieces with intricate etching and carving techniques.  Koumama Silver has been featured all over the world in such well known venues as The Smithsonian Institute, The Fowler Museum and The National Museum of African Art. 

With each piece of Symbols Jewellery that you purchase, you will receive a gift bag along with a story card describing the symbolic meaning of the chosen piece.  Included are care instructions and an anti-tarnish strip to preserve the beauty of your silver jewellery.  We are also pleased to offer the option to include a personalised note to the recipient of the jewellery, if you are bestowing it as a gift.  


Your satisfaction is our highest priority so please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

Please take a look around and browse at your leisure.

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