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Jewellery that expresses Love for Christmas

"Anam cara" or 'soul friend' in Gaelic refers to one with whom you have a deep soul connection. With this person, it is very easy to reveal your deepest secrets and confess innermost desires of your heart.  This type of friendship is one where you can safely share your true self, your mind and your heart. Celebrate your soul mate or your soul friend this Christmas with these stunning Earrings or Pendant Necklace! 

Dolphins are considered the “king of fish”, graceful and kind.  They symbolise the very essence of playfulness, gentleness, protection, intelligence, power, generosity and friendship. Such majestic creatures exude attributes of compassion, caring, community and a need to connect with others.  This beautiful piece captures the very essence of this symbol…two playful dolphins, nuzzling eachother’s noses.  Celebrate your love for that special someone in your life with this gorgeously crafted piece.

The Claddagh’s elegant and distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, which is adorned by a crown.  This powerful symbol corresponds directly to three specific elements: the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty.  The Claddagh is suitable to bestow to friends, family and loved ones.  Nothing speaks the language of love clearer than this powerful symbol.

The Triskele (or Triskelion) is a Celtic symbol that represents struggle, growth, completion and progress.  It is a Greek term meaning “three-legged” and the symbol actually appears like three running legs.  The symbol captures the elements of motion that symbolises progress and action and represents the everlasting rhythm of life.  The three spirals may be interpreted as “Father, Son & Holy Spirit”, “Spirit, Mind & Body”or even “Past, Present & Future”.  Celebrate the special man in your life this Christmas, with this powerful symbol of your faith in him as you move forward together in love...

This intricate and modern design features many interwoven Trinity Knots that converge at the centre where a genuine 4mm Iolite gemstone is nestled at the heart.  The interlocking loops in the Trinity Knot create the intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot.  There are various “trio” meanings to this knot including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present and Future”, “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”and “Life, Death and Rebirth”.  The symbolism runs deep encompassing infinity, eternity, protection and equality.  The unisex design of this symbol is perfect for celebrating the unique and everlasting bond with that special someone in your life this Christmas...

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