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Symbolic Meaning:

This beautiful piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Dorje Bell symbol.  In Tantric Buddhist rituals, the Bell (also called the Ghanta) represents the feminine and is the most commonly used of all musical instruments. The sound made by the Bell is believed to drive out evil spirits from where the ritual is being performed. During meditation, ringing the bell symbolises the sound of Buddha teaching the dharma and represents the attainment of wisdom and the understanding of emptiness. The Bell is usually combined with the Dorje in meditation and in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies, the Dorje, held in the right hand, is used to strike the Bell, which is held in the left hand. The Bell represents wisdom, while the Dorje represents compassionate action. In Mahayana Buddhism, when Wisdom and Compassion are joined together, they lead to the path of Enlightenment. Wear this beautiful symbol as a powerful reminder to constantly keep striving for wisdom and spiritual enlightenment in all that you do.©

Sterling Silver Dorje Bell Pendant

  • 28mm L x 13mm W. 

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