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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Fish symbol. In Christianity, Fish are representative of abundance and faith as depicted in the story where Christ multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed the multitudes. In East Indian mythology, Fish represent transformation and creation. In Celtic symbolism, Fish are representative of insight, understanding and inspiration. In Chinese philosophy, Fish are symbolic of harmony and faithfulness. They are often presented as wedding gifts, since they are a powerful symbol of loyalty, sacred-union, abundance and fertility. The Fish is also present as one of the eight symbols within the Buddhist Ashtamangala symbol, as it represents joy and liberty. They are also considered to be symbols of eternity, good fortune, and happiness. Wear this piece as a powerful reminder of the freedom and abundance in your life and may good luck and happiness follow you all your days.©

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Fish Pendant

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