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Symbolic Meaning:

This beautiful design features a mother and child nestled in a Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver heart shaped design with a Peridot gemstone. From a symbolic perspective, the heart represents the centre of our physical and spiritual being. It is the most renowned symbol for love. It also captures all the emotion and affection one feels. In Egypt, it represents the very essence of life. The heart is oftentimes responsible for helping us with deeper understanding, courage and willpower. Integrated into this design is an Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst is thought to help its wearer maintain a calm disposition, while promoting balance, wisdom, deeper understanding and better decision making. It is also believed to be a healing and protective stone used to attract good luck and prosperity. Wear this elegant symbol proudly in celebration of the timeless and limitless bond shared between you and your baby, cradled in the knowledge that you are both cherished and loved…©

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Mother & Child Heart with Peridot Pendant

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