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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Tree of Life symbol on Mother of Pearl.  The Tree of Life is a mystical tree that is renowned in many cultures.  In Buddhism, under the Tree of Enlightenment, Buddha redeemed the entire universe under the protection of its branches. It is deeply rooted in the earth, whilst constantly reaching for the heavens.  Each tree is individual in nature, some grow taller than others, they react differently to severe storms and weather changes, yet it is through all these battles for survival, that its true beauty and resilience emerges.  This is a reminder that you have the responsibility to grow to be the best version of yourself.  The Tree of Life symbolises the interconnectedness of all things, the inter-relation of humans, animals and the environment.  Mother of Pearl is a healing stone that is believed to attract prosperity and ward off negative energies.  It is also thought to possess stress relieving properties to help soothe the emotions and stimulate intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability.   Mother of Pearl is believed to enhance relationships and improve self-esteem, encouraging its wearer to pursue paths that lead to inner peace and fulfilment.  Wear this elegant piece  as a powerful reminder to stay rooted in your faith and truth, keep reaching for the stars and know that you have the strength within you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.  ©

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Earrings

  • 9mm diameter x2mm thick

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