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Symbolic Meaning:

This Anam Cara design is elegantly crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver.  "Anam Cara" is an old Gaelic term that means 'soul friend' and refers to one with whom you have a deep soul connection. The term was traditionally used to describe a companion, spiritual guide, or teacher. With this person, it is very easy to reveal your deepest secrets and confess the innermost desires of your heart. This type of friendship means you could safely share your true self, your mind and your heart. Trust, love, understanding, belonging, release and full-disclosure of yourself are at the very heart of Anam Cara. Wear this elegant symbol proudly in celebration of the beauty of friendship and true love that continues to grow and blossom between you and your special Anam Cara daily... ©

Sterling Silver Anam Cara Earrings

SKU: EFW-115-SS-3
  • Height- 1.5", Width- 0.938" 

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