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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Ankh symbol.  The Ankh, also referred to as the Egyptian cross, represents the essence of eternal life.  It is symbolic of the highest level of knowledge and understanding. Commonly used as a protective amulet in Egypt, it was also considered to be a symbol of fertility. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, it is not unusual to see kings being offered ankhs by the gods.  This represented the ultimate gift of eternal life. The Ankh also symbolises the perfect union created by the joining of man and woman…for it is out of this harmonious union that new life is created.  Spiritually, the Ankh symbolises the key to secret wisdom.  The loop represents the eternity of the soul, since it has neither beginning nor ending.  Considering this, the Ankh symbolises the key to unravelling the mysteries of life and death. Wear this stunning piece as a talisman for protection in all areas of your life as well as a celebration of harmony, faith and love and wisdom… ©

Sterling Silver Ankh Cross Bangle with hook closure

SKU: BA-156-SS-5
TT$499.00 Regular Price
TT$475.00Sale Price
  • Charm - 4mm wide (17mm bangle width)


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