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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning pendant is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Bagua symbol. The Bagua is a basic tool of feng shui and is used as a talisman against negative energy. The Yin Yang at the centre of the Bagua symbolises the duality of everything found in the universe. The eight areas within the Bagua represent the different feng shui energy in any given space namely Fame, Love & Marriage, Creativity, Helpful People, Career, Spiritual Growth, Health and Money. When worn, the Bagua pendant wards off evil and protects its wearer from accidents and harm. It is also believed to attract good luck, health and prosperity. Bagua pendants are often given to young children when they are born to keep them safe and healthy. Wear this powerful symbol as a mark of protection and may you always be abundantly blessed in all areas of your life.©

Sterling Silver Bagua Pendant

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