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Symbolic Meaning:

These Basket Aria earrings are elegantly crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver and combine two powerful symbols - the Celtic Shield and the Trinity Knot.  Latin for “three cornered”, the Triquetra symbol is also referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.  The interlocking loops create the intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot. The symmetrical lines suggest harmonious and balanced flow among the three aspects. The symbolism runs deep encompassing infinity, eternity, protection, equality and divine femininity. There are various “trio” meanings to this knot including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present & Future”, “Father, Son & Holy Ghost”, “Earth, Wind & Fire”, “Maiden, Mother & Crone” and “Life, Death & Rebirth”.  The Celtic Shield Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol of protection. This knot was used on battle shields or placed at the side of those who were ailing, in an effort to ward off any dangers or evil spirits. Its unique design contains four distinct corners. A Shield Knot has a square shape or has the appearance of being a square within a circle. In addition to being deeply rooted in the culture of the Celts, the Shield Knot was believed to have been used by other cultures for its protective power.   Wear this symbol confidently, safe in the knowledge that you are protected and eternally loved…©

Sterling Silver Basket Aria Earrings

SKU: EFW-125-SS-3
  • Height- 1.5", Width- 0.5"

  • We are pleased to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee in support of our service and products.  If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our product, we will exchange it for another product from our collection OR issue a store credit for the comparable value; if it is reported to us (in writing) within 14 days of delivery. If your item is received damaged or incorrect, we will refund the purchase price (via the method of payment); if it is reported to us (in writing) within 7 days of delivery. Please click the following for our complete Return and Refunds Procedure.

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