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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the integration of two powerful symbols - the Trinity Knot and the Eternity Knot.  Latin for “three cornered”, the Triquetra symbol is also referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.  The interlocking loops create the intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot. The symmetrical lines suggest harmonious and balanced flow among the three aspects. The symbolism runs deep, encompassing equality and divine femininity.  There are various “trio” meanings to this knot including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present & Future”, “Father, Son & Holy Ghost”, “Earth, Wind & Fire”, “Maiden, Mother & Crone” and “Life, Death & Rebirth”.   The Eternity Knot could be represented in any of the Celtic knot designs that has a closed path. The major feature is the unbroken lines.  This means that such Celtic knots have neither a beginning, nor an end. George Bain, a Celtic art teacher from Scotland attributed this meaning to the eternity knot. This symbol represents consistent, perpetual cycles – of insightfulness, love and friendship. It is believed that where the knot overlaps, the symbolism becomes a unity of compassion and understanding.  Wear this powerful symbol as a powerful reminder that you are protected and in celebration of the longstanding relationships you hold dear…embracing the unity of kindness, love and enlightenment. ©    

Sterling Silver Celtic Triquetra Knot & Eternity Knot Pendant

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