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Symbolic Meaning:

The Circles of Life Necklace represents the interconnectedness of all beings. Designer Christy Natsumi explains: "The Circles of Life necklace is a reminder that an injustice to one human affects us all, but more importantly, that a positive change in an individual is a cause for everyone to celebrate". TYour purchase supports the amazing women artisans of Her Future Coalition, who have overcome trafficking, child marriage or other abuse or discrimination. Profits also benefit the children in their shelter and education programmes. 100% of profits go to the women and girls. Your purchase of this stunning jewellery helps create bright futures. Wear this stunning necklace in support of this worthy cause and in celebration of the resilient survivors, whose strength and determination continue to light the way for women all over the world.

Sterling Silver Circles of Life Pendant Necklace

SKU: PN-65-SS-2
  • Pendant 1" Tall featured on an 18" Sterling Silver Chain 

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