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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features several Irish symbols - a Clover with interwoven Celtic Knots and a Claddagh design to the top. The legend of the Clover (Shamrock) dates back to when Ireland was a land of Druids.  St. Patrick used the shamrock to demonstrate the word of God to them by likening the petals to "Father, Son & Holy Spirit".  The shamrock is also commonly used as a symbol of luck as well as a protective talisman.  Celtic knots or pure knots form complete loops containing no beginnings or endings.   This symbolises the interconnectedness of life and eternity.  From a spiritual perspective, the interlacing represents both the physical and spiritual crossing of paths and the endurance of life, faith and love.  The Claddagh's elegant and distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, which is adorned by a crown. This powerful symbol corresponds directly ot the three specific elements - the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents trust/loyalty. The combination of these three symbols reiterate the powerful, never-ending love, not only shared between two people, but also between God and his children. Wear this piece proudly, cradled in the knowledge that you are loved...completely and eternally.©

Sterling Silver Claddagh with Celtic Clover Pendant

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