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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Cross with Wings symbol. It is considered to be a statement of religious freedom, often being worn as tattoos on the body. The cross is most renowned for being a Christian symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion…His sacrifice for the salvation of all humanity and is one of the most powerful visual identifiers of a Christian’s faith. Angel Wings are symbolic of God's presence in our lives and are representative of one's belief in God. They are also considered to be symbols of good luck, protection and represent hope, enlightenment and guidance. Wear this powerful symbol flying on the wings of faith, celebrating your freedom to choose how you wish to express that faith, always remembering that you are eternally loved and that God's love knows no boundaries.©

Sterling Silver Cross with Angel Wings Pendant

  • Approximate frame size: 17mm L x 28mm W. 


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