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Symbolic Meaning:

This beautiful piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Dorje symbol.  The Dorje symbol came to Tibetan Buddhism from Hinduism.  In Sanskrit, the Dorje is called “Vajra”, which means thunderbolt.  It is indestructible.  The Dorje represent spiritual power and is a destroyer of ignorance.  The Dorje is often used as a tool in meditation and represents the union of relative and absolute truths. Relative truth is what we experience in everyday life and absolute truth is a timeless state of being unified with nature and everything around us.  The two sides of the Dorje represent the two sides of the brain and its dual nature can symbolise mind & body or masculine & feminine.  Its duality can be likened to the Yin-Yang philosophy.  The Dorje is usually combined with the Bell in meditation and in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies, the Dorje, held in the right hand, is used to strike the Bell, which is held in the left hand.  Wear this beautiful symbol as a powerful reminder to balance the relative and absolute constantly keep striving for spiritual enlightenment in all that you do. ©

Sterling Silver Dorje (Thunderbolt) - Male Pendant

  • 9mm diameter x 25mm length 

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