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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Celtic Snake in a Triquetra symbol. The Celtic Snake is symbolic of rebirth as it sheds its skin. This can be interepreted as an awakening or renewal of oneself. The snake also represents the search for balance, creation fertility, healing and transformation. Latin for “three cornered”, the Triquetra symbol is also referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle. The interlocking loops create the intersection of the three circles, which means that there is no beginning and no ending to this knot. The symbolism runs deep, encompassing, harmony, balance, equality, unity and infinite love. There are various “trio” meanings to this knot including “Mind, Body & Spirit”, “Past, Present & Future”, “Father, Son & Holy Ghost”, “Father, Mother & Child”, “Maiden, Mother & Wise Old Woman” and “Life, Death & Rebirth”. Wear this powerful symbol in celebration of your quest for self-improvement, embracing balance through life's changes as you continue to grow and blossom into the very best version of yourself.©

Sterling Silver Double Snake Triquetra Pendant



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