Symbolic Meaning:

These earrings are beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver and feature the Dream Catcher symbol. Dream Catchers are a renowned tradition of Native Americans.  They are intended as protection against bad or negative dreams.  The good dreams pass through the centre and glide down the feathers towards the sleeping individual. The bad dreams get caught within the web vanish with the rays of the morning sun.   The main element of the Dream Catcher is the hoop, which is considered to be a sacred object to Native Americans.  They believe that it symbolises strength and unity.  It is also a symbol of protection and helps in strengthening one's relationship with the inner-self.  Wear this elegant symbol with confidence in who you and in celebration of your inner strength.©

Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Earrings with 3mm ball bead

SKU: EFW-335-SS-5
  • Height- 36mm, Width- 20mm