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Symbolic Meaning:

These earrings are elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and feature the Feather symbol. Feathers are symbolically associated with celestial wisdom and ascension. In Native American culture, they are believed to represent the power of air and wind.  Feathers are used in their ceremonies as a symbol of giving thanks and appreciation.  They also believe that the act of ceremoniously attaching feathers to themselves attracts growth and abundance in all aspects of their lives. In Christianity, feathers represent the virtues of hope, charity and faith. Signet rings were often created with the image of three feathers and were worn to symbolise these virtues.  Whatever your reason for wearing this powerful symbol, may hope always reside in your heart and may you forever be blessed with abundance in all areas of your life.©

Sterling Silver Feather Earrings

SKU: EFW-477-SS-5
  • 25 x 9.5mm


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