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These earrings are elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and feature the Flower of Life symbol. The flower of life is a symbol that is typically referred to as “sacred geometry”, since it is believed to comprise ancient, spiritual worth representing the essential forms of space and time. Within this geometric figure, the Seed of Life can be found and the Flower of Life is part of the Tree of Life. This “sacred geometry” is thought to represent the visual expression of the connections life interlaces throughout all living beings. Many amulets incorporate the Flower of Life as a form of protection from the evil eye, to absorb negative energies and emotion and promote a positive balance in life. Wear this symbol as a talisman for protection and as a reminder that we are all wonderfully connected in this circle of life...©

Sterling Silver Flower of Life Stud Earrings

SKU: EST-372-SS-5
  • 11mm diameter x 6mm thick

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