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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Harmony Ball symbol. Harmony Ball Pendant Necklaces contain a small brass bell that emits a very subtle chime with movement. They are thought to reduce stress as the soothing chimes promote calm and tranquillity. In Mayan culture, Harmony Balls are also called “Angel Callers”. Worn as a protective talisman, it is believed that the unique sound of each ball summons the wearer’s guardian angel. Harmony Ball Pendant Necklaces are also traditionally worn by pregnant women in Bali and Mexico, as they are said to have calming effects on the unborn baby as well as the mother-to-be. Wear this powerful symbol as you embrace change in your life, with the sweet chimes of calm and tranquillity.©

Sterling Silver Heart Harmony Ball Pendant P-966-SS-5

  • Approx pendant size: 23mm L x 24mm W and 13.5mm Diameter(ball)

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