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Symbolic Meaning:

Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck and protection from the “evil eye”. There is a superstition that the “U” shape should be pointed upwards to keep the good luck from spilling out. The crescent shape is thought to make this symbol magical. There is an old story that speaks of a blacksmith who was charged with the task of making shoes for the devil’s hooved feet. He acquiesced and affixed the horseshoes to the devil’s feet. However, they were painfully uncomfortable and the devil urged the blacksmith to remove them. The blacksmith agreed but only after making the devil promise not to enter the home of anyone who had a horseshoe displayed. For many, this symbol of protection is used to ward off negative energy. For some, the simple logic is that the shoe does a great job protecting the horse, so by extension it should do the same for people. Whatever your reason for wearing this symbol, may protection and prosperity be yours, now and always…©

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant

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