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Symbolic Meaning:

This elegant piece  features two powerful symbols, the Infinity symbol interwoven with a Feather. The Infinity symbol was created by English mathematician, John Wallis.  The symbol looks like a number 8 turned on its side.  In algebraic geometry, is also referred to as Lemniscate, derived from Latin “lemniscatus”, meaning “decorated with ribbons”.  It is featured in many Celtic designs, including Celtic knots, which are interwoven and have no beginning nor ending.  The Infinity symbol represents the true essence of empowerment, perpetual love and of course, eternity.  Feathers are symbolically associated with celestial wisdom and ascension and many Native Americans consider them to represent the power of air and wind.  In Christianity, feathers represent the virtues of hope, charity and faith.  Signet rings were often created with the image of three feathers and were worn to symbolise these virtues.  The combination of these two symbols serve as a reminder of a never ending love that exists not only between two people, but with the Creator and His precious child.  Wear this symbol proudly, cradled in the knowledge that you are loved…completely and eternally.©

Sterling Silver Infinity with Feather design Pendant

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