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Symbolic Meaning:

This elegant piece is stunningly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Lion symbol. The Lion symbolises wisdom, power, strength, courage, royalty, authority and confidence. They are most active at twilight and are good at striking balance in life, enjoying rest and play while working smart instead of hard. They target their prey carefully to ensure success, utilizing the strength of the individual members of the pride, focusing on team spirit to enhance timing and efficiency through cooperation. Lions are loyal, passionate and fiercely protective of their own. They exhibit strong traits of leadership, intuition, resilience and bravery. They also demonstrate self-control, harnessing true inner strength to master emotions in order to achieve a favourable outcome. Wear this powerful symbol in celebration of your brave and resilient spirit and may you always strive for emotional balance in life to achieve all your heart’s desires.©

Sterling Silver Lion Ring

SKU: R-1331-SS-5
  • 19mm width

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