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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Phoenix symbol.  The Phoenix is a mythical bird. Legend says that it made a nest in the cypress tree, not in preparation to lay eggs, but rather to die. While resting in the nest, the Phoenix generated a great deal of heat and became engulfed, with the cypress acting as kindling. After three days, the Phoenix arose from its own ashes, a re birth that released it from the sentence of death.  It was now free and able to live forever. The symbolic meaning of the Phoenix pertains to renewal, overcoming darkness and rising to challenges to become powerful and succeed. Its myth is grounded in transformation, longevity and resurrection. Wear this powerful symbol in celebration of your resilient spirit, embracing all of life’s challenges with courage and strength, cradled in the knowledge that even if you falter, you too will rise as gloriously as the Phoenix. ©

Sterling Silver Phoenix Pendant

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