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Symbolic Meaning:

The Resilience Necklace was inspired by the vines and flowering plants that grow all around the jewellery studio in Northern India.  When you cut back a vine, it grows back even stronger, a beautiful metaphor for the women who make this jewellery. They have overcome tremendous challenges in their life but have come back stronger than ever.  Made by Survivors recently partnered with a local anti-trafficking agency to construct a shelter and a jewellery studio for survivors in the area near Darjeeling. This tea-growing region, near the borders of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, has been hard-hit by economic crisis over the last 10 years, leading to a surge of human trafficking, child labor, child marriage and other human rights issues.  The new shelter and the jewellery programme there provide much needed safe housing and economic opportunity to women and girls in this area. Wear this spectacularly crafted Sterling Silver Necklace to proudly show your support for a great cause!

Sterling Silver Resilience Necklace

SKU: N-70-SS-2
  • Delicate Sterling Silver, hand-cut 4" crescent-shape pendant, on 18" Sterling Silver chain. 

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