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These earrings are elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and feature the Sand Dollar symbol.  Sand Dollars wash upon the shores of Trinidad & Tobago every year.  These delicate creatures hold rich symbolic meaning.  The symbolism is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith.  On the surface of the shell, the centre forms a star, which represents the Star of Bethlehem, that led the three wise men to Christ’s manger where He was born.  Around the star is an outline of an Easter lily, which represents the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Towards the edges of the star, four holes are situated. These represent the wounds of Christ on His hands and feet when He was crucified.  The hole in the centre of the star represents the pierce wound to His Sacred Heart.  At the back of the sand dollar, there is an outline of a Poinsettia, which is regarded as the Christmas flower.  In addition, if you open up a sand dollar, you will find the shapes of 5 “doves”, which represent the doves of peace and Joy of Christmas.  The Sand Dollar, with this deep religious symbolism can  be worn proudly in celebration of the life and mercies of Christ.  Wear this elegantly crafted symbol as a beautiful representation of your Christian faith. ©

Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Earrings

  • 1.87g

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