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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning pendant is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and integrates spirals into the design while featuring an Eagle Eye stone. This stone is thought to enhance communication skills as it is associated with the throat chakra.  It is believed to help its wearer cultivate intuition and insight.  It is also used as a talisman for protection of the upper chakras and brings good luck and prosperity.  From a spiritual perspective, the spiral symbolises the journey from the external consciousness to inner awareness.  It represents the growth of consciousness from the centre of one’s being expanding outwardly.  The spiral symbol represents stability, direction, centering, growth, mindfulness and connection.  The spiral is symbolic of femininity, the womb and fertility. It is also a symbol of transformation, evolution and progress.  The combination of these two powerful symbols represents the constant search for spiritual enlightenment. Wear this grounding piece as you strive for balance and fulfllment in all areas of your life.©

Sterling Silver Spiral with Eagle Eye Stone Pendant

  • 25x19mm

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