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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Sri Yantra symbol.  The Sri Yantra Mandala originates from Hindu tantric practice and is a highly recognised form of mandala. It is based on sacred geometry and is representative of the goddess Lalita and the union between the Divine and the earthly realm.  "Mandala", loosely translated, means "circle" and represents the universe. It provides a visual balance of elements that symbolise harmony and unity.  It absorbs the mind in meditation when used in spiritual practice. Sri Yantra maps a spiritual seeker's journey from the earthly plane towards spiritual enlightenment. - from the outer rectangles to the central dot i.e. the centre of the Universe.  This is the place of origin and unity where one merges with the supreme consciousness. Mandalas can even be represented in many aspects of our own earthly life - circles in the patterns of nature and even our circles of life, friends and family.  Wear this powerful piece in celebration of your unique place within the circle of life and your quest for continuous spiritual enlightenment. ©

Sterling Silver Sri Yantra Pendant

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