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Symbolic Meaning:

This piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and features the Star of David symbol.  In the Jewish faith, the two interlocking triangles of the Star of David signify the give-and-take relationship between man and God.  The triangle pointing up represent us reaching up towards God with our good deeds and the downward pointing triangle is God reciprocating by showering his holiness and benevolence down upon us.  Wearing the Star of David can remind us that we are walking with God every day.  In the Hindu faith, this hexagram is referred to as shatkona, with the upward pointing triangle symbolising Shiva as the male side of the divinity and the downward triangle representing Shakti as the female side of the divinity.  Shatkona signifies the merging of the male and the female and also the elements of fire and water.  Wear this powerful symbol in celebration of your faith in the Divine and the abundant blessings in your life, always remembering that you will never walk alone... ©

Sterling Silver Star of David Charm Pendant

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