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This stunning piece is elegantly crafted in Sterling Silver and Sponge Coral and features the Tree of Life symbol. Sponge coral is a non-endangered species of coral that can be found in Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia. Sponge coral is thought to possess healing properties physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is believed to help alleviate jealousy in relationships and overcoming sexual apprehensions. It helps the wearer gain control of the emotions of the heart instead of being ruled by them. It helps awaken the creative energy, greater awareness of the environment and reciprocation of love. The Tree of Life is a mystical tree that dates back centuries and is renowned in many cultures. Quite simply put, it is deeply rooted in the Earth, while constantly reaching for the stars. You have the responsibility to grow to be yourself. Each tree is individual in nature, some grow taller than others, they react differently to severe storms and weather changes, yet it is through all these battles for survival, the true beauty emerges and resilience is revealed in the ageing process. The tree of life also symbolises the interconnectedness of all things…that we are all interrelated…humans, animals, and the environment. In Judaism, the tree of life represents the life giving source that provides nourishment to all of us. In Christianity, the image of Christ on the cross is symbolic of the Saviour of the World on the Tree of Life. It is therefore a symbol of redemption. In Buddhism, under the Tree of Enlightenment, Buddha redeemed the entire universe under the protection of its branches. In Native American traditions, sun dancers dance around the tree for revitalisation after long winters. The dance promotes vitality and the Native Americans believe that energy generated from around the axis of the Tree brings life into being. Whatever your reason for wearing this powerful symbol, always remember to stay rooted in your faith and truth, keep reaching for the stars and know that you have the strength within you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.© P172

Sterling Silver Tree of life with Sponge Coral Round Pendant

  • 30mm Diameter

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