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Symbolic Meaning:

This stunning piece is crafted in Sterling Silver and two powerful symbols are integrated into the design - the Whale's Tail and the Celtic Knot. The indigenous people of New Zealand, (the Maori) consider the whale’s tail to represent swiftness, forte, safety and the deep connection between man and animal. It is used as a talisman of protection and luck for voyagers who travel by water.  The whale itself symbolises sensitivity, comfort, stability, fostering and emotional wisdom.  The Celtic Knot symbol is stunningly crafted in sterling silver.  Celtic Knots or pure knots form complete loops containing no beginnings or endings.   This symbolises the interconnectedness of life and eternity.  From a spiritual perspective, the interlacing represents both the physical and spiritual crossing of paths and the endurance of life, faith and love.  Whether or not your travels take you to distant shores, wear this powerful piece in celebration of your vast inner strength, your ability to achieve balance in life and all the love that encirles you daily...©

Sterling Silver Whale Tail with Celtic Knot style Pendant

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