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Symbolic Meaning:

The Ellipse Necklace is loaded with symbolism. The imagery is of a beech tree leaf with a beech branch hand-cut inside of it, with a precious stone representing a blossom. Trees are a symbol of immense and enduring strength and protection, something we wish for the women in the Made by Survivors programme, and for all women and girls around the world. This design was created by Made By Survivors Founder and President, Sarah Symons, together with Soma Seal, the Calcutta Programme Manager.  Says Sarah, "I chose the beech tree for my inspiration because it is a symbol of patience, and working with traumatized young girls requires patience above all. When I wear the Ellipse pieces, I am reminded to keep a cool head. Positive changes will happen if we do the work with love".  Wear this spectacularly crafted Necklace  to proudly show your support for a great cause!

Sterling Silver with Amethyst Gemstone Ellipse Pendant Necklace

  • 2.25" Sterling Silver pendant, meticulously hand cut with branch motif, with Amethyst, on extra long 36" Sterling Silver chain.

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