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Symbolic Meaning:

This striking circular pendant was hand-crafted by silversmiths of the Mohamed Ahnou tribe of the North Sahara from Sterling Silver and black agate and is featured on a leather cord.  Silver is said to bring good luck and happiness and agate is considered to be good for healing.  The symbolic patterns etched on each piece hold deep tribal significance.   The circle typically represents the eye of the chameleon. Chameleons are symbolic of change and they always embrace the environment.  Their eyes move independently of each other, always scanning their surroundings.  This is a powerful reminder that we should keep one eye focused on spiritual ideals and higher goals while keeping the other eye on the physical path to getting there, on the grounding principles of our values, our work and our family.  Triangles are prominently etched motifs which are considered a source of protection and good luck. They represent the life-giving power of women and nature and embody the very essence of female divinity.  They are a symbol of femininity reflecting the matriarchal aspect of Tuareg culture.  The Track of the Ants is represented by the symbol “/\/\/\/\/\”. In times of severe drought and shortage of food, people would follow the trails of ants to find their nests where they would dig to find grains of millet that the ants had carried away. This is a powerful reminder of how tough times can be and the importance of being resourceful and aware of your surroundings in difficult times. Wear this piece as a reminder of your quest for spiritual upliftment and in celebration of your adaptability and resilience.©

Sterling Silver with Black Agate Tuareg Necklace

  • Height- 2.75", Width- 2"

    Necklace length - 19"

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